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Need to sell your China Grove house fast? Our process is Simple, Quick, and Friendly.

we buy houses China Grove

We buy houses and vacant land in the greater China Grove NC area. No matter what the condition of the property, or your reason for selling...

...CARES can make it happen quickly with our proven purchase process.

We handle everything for you. There are no fix-ups, no costs, no worries for you. It's what we do, actually, it's all we do...and we do it well. We'll eliminate all the hassles you would expect to encounter with the traditional Realtor involved transaction.

When selling your house to CARES there's no paying for expensive repairs, no lengthy time on the market with people coming through your property, no closing fees, and no expensive Realtor commissions.

These expensive charges could easily end up costing you tens of thousands of dollars you may not have.

We happens. So if you have a China Grove area house you need to sell fast, give us a call us at 704.576.1098 and we'll provide you with a no-obligation fair cash offer today.

There is no better time than right now to contact CARES. We promise to take care of your needs.

Our Simple CARES Process to Sell Your House

We Buy Houses China Grove call CARES Today

You Contact CARES

You can contact us by phone, email, or simply click any of the fair cash offer buttons on this page to get started right now.

to sell your Charlotte house fast, we need some required information

Simple Questions

There's a few simple questions to ask you about the property and then we'll schedule an appointment to view the property.

CARES does a Fair Cash Analysis on all Charlotte houses we sell

Fair Cash Analysis

We analyze all the data on your house and compare it with the recently sold local properties to come up with your fair cash offer.

CARES provides a written fair cash offer to the seller of the Charlotte area house for sale.

We Convey Your Offer

Within 24 hours CARES will present you with a written easy-to-understand win-win fair cash offer on your Charlotte area property.

Choose The Date

You choose the settlement date that best suits your personal schedule. At that point you'll receive your cash and a fresh start.

Who is Charlotte Area Real Estate Solutions (CARES) and What Does it Mean to You?

CARES is a small group of real estate investors focused on professionally serving the China Grove area.

 We're not another multi-million dollar outsider investment group from another state with a website and an 800 number. No...we live here, love it here, and call Charlotte home!

We do not dilute our time or services to other locations, we proudly serve only Charlotte. This enables us to be up to date with the latest real estate market conditions and pricing trends.

Our deep understanding of the fluid China Grove area housing market allows us to offer you the highest dollar value possible for your house no matter what the condition of the property is.

This provides many options for you, the homeowner to sell your house quickly while getting the most money for it.

If you have to sell your China Grove house fast and you're searching for one of those "We buy houses" companies that buys houses, if you call us, you will find there is no better choice than CARES in the China Grove area. Our customer service and your satisfaction are second to none and we only operate in Charlotte, NC and surrounding areas.

So, no matter what your reason is for selling your property contact us today to see if your property fits our buying criteria...there's a great chance it will.

We buy homes in China Grove fast in any condition with a fair cash offer every time, while treating everyone we work with respect. Let CARES show you the difference we make for our home sellers.

CARES Coverage Areas...We Buy China Grove Houses Fast

As you are likely aware, there are several reasons homeowners need to sell their properties and unfortunately...many of them are beyond their control.

In our experiences servicing distressed property owners we can assure you of one thing, issues typically do not get better on their own, and they can become much worse over time.

If your property is located in one of the following counties, then CARES is available to speak with you if you need some assistance with a problem property:

Vacant and under-maintained properties seem to age and deteriorate much quicker than an occupied and maintained property. The truth is, mother nature always seems to find her way into the house and many times she brings along some unwanted guests.

However...we do have some good news for you, CARES also serves the following cities and towns in the Charlotte metro area:

  • Huntersville
  • Davidson
  • Concord
  • Pineville
  • Midland
  • Statesville
  • Mineral Springs
  • Unionville
  • Wingate
  • Belmont
  • Mount Holly
  • Dallas
  • Stallings
  • Mint Hill
  • Matthews
  • Kannapolis
  • Mount Pleasant
  • Moorseville
  • Indian Trail
  • Sherrills Ford
  • Salisbury
  • China Grove
  • Landis
  • Gastonia
  • Denver
  • Marshville

If you would like to receive a fair cash offer on a property located in any of the above-mentioned locations, just click the "Fair Cash Offer" button below and we will contact you promptly.

Why Do You Need to Sell Your
House in China Grove, NC?

If you're a China Grove area homeowner dealing with any of the following property situations, there's a good chance CARES can help you with a solution.

  • Tired of being a landlord and dealing with all the hassles of renters and property issues
  • You have recently went through or are currently going through a divorce
  • Financially burdened by having to pay on two mortgages every month
  • You recently inherited a house that you do not intend on keeping
  • Behind on your mortgage payments and the property is going into foreclosure status
  • You must sell your property but you absolutely do not want to deal with a Realtor for one reason or another
  • Need to make extensive repairs to the property but do not have the funds available or desire to make the necessary repairs
  • In the process of going through a bankruptcy
  • You've experienced the death of a loved one or are experiencing serious health problems yourself
  • Recently lost your job or are just wanting to quickly relocate to another city
  • Had a property listed on the MLS with a Realtor for several months and were unable to sell even after reducing the asking prices several times and sending thousands of dollars on repairs
  • Maybe you have even attempted to sell the property on your own without a Realtor and went unsuccessful and became totally frustrated with the lack of results

End the Frustration of an Unwanted Property Today!

So, whether you’re experiencing one of the above-mentioned problems or something completely different...if you need to sell your house in China Grove fast, CARES can help.

Don’t let the constant pain and frustration of an unwanted property keep ruining your days. Life is to precious to let things like this detract from your quality of life.

Contact CARES today at (704) 576-1098 and receive your written fair cash offer within 24 hours. It’s time to take action and take your financial freedom back once and for all.

The Difference Between Selling to CARES and Using a Realtor

Using a Realtor isn’t necessarily the best sales solution for every home seller. Depending on your personal situation and property condition, listing your property may not be an option.

The fact that you’re here on our CARES website tells us that you’re at least exploring your available options…that’s a good thing. It’s way more than most other homeowners ever do.

One thing we must mention, we are not saying anything bad about Realtors here, we're simply highlighting some of the differences between two of your potential property sale options.

We would never tell you what to do, but we will throw this out there, at least give us a call and get our no-obligation fair cash offer before you potentially list your property on the MLS with a Realtor and lock yourself into a lengthy contract.

You have nothing to lose and all you have to do is answer a couple of simple questions for will only take you a matter of minutes.

Okay, let's get into some of the major differences between listing with a Realtor and selling to CARES:

We Buy Houses China Grove call CARES Today

Listing With a Realtor

Selling to CARES

Realtor Commissions / Fees

6% on average is paid by your, the seller


Settlement Costs

2.5% on average (paid by seller - you)

NONE - We pay all the costs

Inspection/Financing Contingency

Yes, causes many sales to fall through


Appraisals ​Required



Average Days on Market

Could be 90 days or more

Fair Cash Offer within . 24 hours

Number of Showings

Varies with conditions

One, only CARES

Closing Time Frame

Typically 30 - 60 days after contract signing

You choose the date to settle

Repair Costs

Negotiated between buyer and seller after inspection results

NONE. We purchase in as-is condition

There’s just a few of the cost and time differences between these two options. Many folks believe by listing their property with a Realtor they are going to get top-dollar for the sale of their China Grove house but they fail to weigh all the factors that actually exist when all is said and done.

Take a few minutes to honestly evaluate your property condition and time-to-sell requirements before signing a contract with a Realtor. Don’t forget, after all the time on the market needed to get a contract, the purchaser is going to try and negotiate for the lowest price with you so get ready for that headache too.

Your Quickest Path to Cash

After looking at these options and doing a few simple calculations, you can quickly see there are many benefits to you when you sell your property to CARES for a fair cash offer within 24 hours.

The time needed between when you accept our fair cash offer and settlement is minimal as well. Of course we’ll need the time to have the necessary title work searched and prepared (everybody will have this same period) but that’s really it.

This ensures that you'll have less time to deal with any mortgage payments, insurance bills, tax payments, liens, or any other burdensome stuff that goes along with this unwanted property.

No Need to Clean-up or Fix-up

That’s one of the benefits of selling to have none of the hassles of cleaning or fixing up the property. We take care of all of that for you. The time and costs you could incur here could possibly wipe out a large portion of your equity by just getting the property ready to sell on the market the Realtor way.

Seriously, this one cost savings alone could save you thousands...or tens of thousands depending on property condition.

We will save you a ton of precious time and money and eliminate all of the’s well worth it!

Forget About Paying Any Expensive Fees

All of the fees listed above...forget about them because CARES pays all of them for you. That’s right, the fair cash offer we make you is the same as the cash you’ll receive at settlement...not a penny less!

No fees! No commissions! No inspection costs! No settlement costs! YOU PAY NOTHING! It all adds up to you putting the most cash in your pocket come settlement time...and that’s what you’re looking for.

See if The CARES Process is Right For You?

The best thing is there’s no cost and no obligation to find out. Just contact CARES today and we’ll have you a Fair Cash offer in you hands within 24 hours so you have all you need in order to make the best decision for your specific circumstance.

If we’re not right for worries. We understand completely and we part as friends of the China Grove community.

It’s that simple, that quick, and that friendly! Contact CARES now and see if what we have to offer works for you. Just click this phone number (704) 576-1098 from your smartphone or click the button below to start the simple CARES Process.

Common Questions About the CARES Process

Will there be any costs that I will have to pay?

No, you will not have to pay any costs during the purchase process. All costs are covered and you’ll pay absolutely nothing. You simply receive the fair cash price initially agreed upon at the time of closing.

How is the purchase price calculated?

There are several factors that determine the offer price. We use recent local comparable sales, estimated repair costs for the property, current market conditions to come up with your cash offer to purchase. There are absolutely NO costs to you in the process.

Am I obligated when I submit my information?

No, not in any way are you obligated. We understand that this can be a confusing and somewhat scary process so we make things very easy for you. We simply get some information from you on your China Grove property so that we can put together your all cash offer. Once you have the offer, you are 100% free to make any decision you choose. We are a no-pressure group here to help you through a difficult situation in any way we can.

How is CARES different from a Realtor?

A Realtor will list your property and likely charge you a 6% commission to sell your property…we simply purchase properties like yours for cash with NO costs to you at all. No commissions, no fix-up costs, no transaction fees, no closing fees. Listing your home could take months to sell with no guarantee it will sell at all. We pay you all cash and settle on the date of your choice.

Will I have to make any repairs?

Absolutely not! We purchase your property in as-is condition so you don’t have to worry about any additional hassles or expensive costs. You pay no money out of your pockets at all for repairs.

How do I get my money paid to me?

We do all our closings through reputable local title and escrow companies or attorneys both of which are fully licensed. We pay all of the closing costs and fees. You receive your funds via check or wire transfer, the choice is yours.

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